A gastronomic restaurant in west of France: le Logis

On the road to Santiago de Compostela, we have always stopped at Saint Maixent l'École in the Deux Sèvres. Yesterday, it was to find some rest during a long pilgrimage. Today, it is for the charm of the hotel St Martin and its gastronomic restaurant near Niort Le Logis.


A gastronomic restaurant in France? Choose the exceptional table and setting of Le Logis


In all the hotels of its group, the Grande Maison Younan Collection strives to offer an exceptional table , honouring French cuisine in the same way that the restoration of the castles does to the history of the region. And in the other establishments or as here at the hotel St Martin in western France, it is always a success. Le Logis, a gastronomic restaurant in France offers a nice break. Charlotte, the young chef of the place, always animated by the passion of the cuisine, does not hesitate to play with the codes. Bistro cuisine on the one hand, the flavours of a more gastronomic cuisine on the other, varied textures, a certain science of spices, there is in this restaurant in Niort an address to remember for those who like to follow the young talents and the great restaurateurs of tomorrow.


A gourmet restaurant Le Logis in Niort, a setting to meet your requirements.


Le Logis is the gastronomic restaurant to choose for the occasion of a romantic dinner for example, is always a nice souvenir. But when the table is in harmony with the place, the charm is all the greater. And there is also little chance that we forget this magnificent reception room of the restaurant in the 4 star hotel Saint Martin, which is 3 hours drive from Paris. The large fireplace, the freestone, the exposed beams, the tapestries, you are in a castle atmosphere that gives a hushed atmosphere to the whole. But you feel good there, you feel like a guest, that's why Le Logis is one of the best tables in the Deux Sevres region . In the summer, it is also the outside that allows you to enjoy the summer kitchen. The terrace, the view of the wooded park bordered by the Sèvre Niortaise, the century-old trees, all this offers a green setting that will cut you off from the outside world for the time of a gourmet meal in this restaurant in western france. There will then always be time to take the road to Santiago de Compostela again, with the promise to stop here again on the way back.


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