A stay in a 4 star hotel near La Rochelle, between Marais Poitevin and nature

The Hôtel Saint-Martin, with its ideal location, offers you a stay in a 4-star hotel near La Roche lle in the heart of a magnificent historic building.

Choose your romantic stay in Charente-Maritime at the Hôtel Saint-Martin

The Hôtel Saint-Martin, this 4-star hotel on the seafront near La Rochelle, is undeniably perfect for a romantic stay in Charente-Maritime. If it is undoubtedly a perfect hotel for couples, it is first of all thanks to its very chateau-like atmosphere, with a very distinguished French decoration and evidence in each room of the historical character of the place. For an authentic and charming stay near La Rochelle, you also need the attention of the staff, a presence that is both discreet and permanent, allowing you to feel pampered at all times. Through the facilities of the various categories of rooms or common rooms, one immediately feels that hospitality is the key word during this stay in a 4-star hotel near La Rochelle.

A 4-star hotel by the sea near La Rochelle

Located a few kilometers from Niort, the Hôtel Saint-Martin offers a stay in a 4-star hotel near La Rochelle. It takes just over an hour to go from the historical charm of this beautiful hotel in the Poitevin marshlands to the beaches of La Rochelle and the view of the Ile de Ré. This is representative of the ideal location proposed for your romantic weekend in Charente-Maritime. You are close to the sea, while being a few kilometers from the Marais Poitevin. And from Saint-Maixent-l'Ecole, you will be less than an hour drive from Poitiers and its Futuroscope. So, whatever direction you choose to take your stay in this 4-star hotel near La Rochelle, you will find a way to satisfy your desire for entertainment, nature or the beach. And Niort and its surroundings offer many other distractions such as golf, cultural visits, especially the dungeon, in the historic city center and more. With so much to do during your stay, you'll forget about the outdoor heated pool.

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