A relaxing stay near Poitiers: why choose the Hôtel Saint-Martin?

The Hôtel Saint-Martin in Saint-Maixent l'Ecole is a safe bet for a relaxing stay near Poitiers. From the establishment itself to the touristic setting, the reasons are numerous.

A relaxing weekend near Poitiers in perspective

The Hôtel Saint-Martin is an establishment of La Maison Younan. It is a group of establishments in the Grand Ouest region of France that have the particularity of having rehabilitated magnificent historical buildings, including castles, to make them high-end hotels. And this hotel for a relaxing getaway near the Futuroscope is one of them. At Hôtel Saint-Martin, it's always been about a special welcome. It starts with those rooms and common areas that clearly show the historical aspect of the place, creating an inimitable charm. Then there's the heated outdoor pool in the hotel grounds, where cocktails and lounge chairs are the perfect complement to your swim. There is also the park and the setting of the Sèvre Niortaise river that make this relaxing stay near Poitiers truly unforgettable. In a serene atmosphere, pampered from breakfast to the last cocktail in the hotel bar in the evening, you have with the Hôtel Saint-Martin the assurance of a successful stay.

Your relaxing getaway near the Futuroscope and other emblematic places in the region

Located on the road between Niort and Poitiers, Saint Maixent l'Ecole is an ideal starting point to discover the region. And if you want to plan a relaxing stay near Poitiers, you are in the right place. Just a few minutes from your hotel, the Marais Poitevin offers itself to you. It is a bucolic stroll, in a boat, in the middle of a dense vegetation which cuts off the rest of the world and where only the animals and the birds of the marsh accompany you. You can extend your stay at the hotel with a boat trip in the Marais Poitevin. And to meet the expectations of the children, or your taste for a more rhythmic day, the proximity with Poitiers will facilitate your stay in the most futuristic amusement park of France. Thus, your relaxing getaway near the Futuroscope will meet the expectations of the whole family.

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